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..respect others as you do to yourself..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

:: asset ::

..do you know how big is my love to you?you mean a great asset to me..an equity i invest in..a return i will enjoy in the hereafter..i am now experiencing a journey that pleasures me when you give me your love,show me your kindness,support me when i'm in need..
..let's make our lives great under Allah's blessings.may paradise be the first and final destination to both of us..ameen..


wanikarim said...

wah....nice pic abg ben....wani doakan abg ben happily ever after

zubir said...

thank you wani..camna operation scar?

wanikarim said...

operation scar physically wani sihat inside not 100% ok lagi
luka dalaman kan