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Saturday, April 4, 2009

:: newer wedding pics ::

salam to all!

i just received few more pics that i can share with you all..of course these newer pics are more clearer as they were captured by the professionals..can you imagine four photographers worked together hand-in-hand to produce these limited no. of pics? :-) ..enjoy!!

our journey was about to start...vroomm..let's go to gurney!!c u there!

aiik..why i posed like this?owh,the photographer asked me to..but can you imagine how frustrated i am when my name was spelled out incorrectly?huh!

this is my lovely wife.i thought the veil was okay.but why did she alter it?anyway, she's a lady..u know..no offence!!

looking forward to reach the sky!!hahahaha..or she was expecting to go for a nice honeymoon?hmm..what say you?

it was an embarrassing experience when we both posed some acts infront of the CB.at gurney drive,beb!people would have thought that we were crazy..drive me no crazy.
.. at a lovely landscape in penang..

"can you reserve this moment for our first hari raya?"



huh, who is this man?
...and this lady?


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Kuang..kuang..kuang.. how much do you pay these guys? Seriously u should have gotten one of these guys, at least I would..for my graduation lah..he..he..he http://www.shutterspeak.biz/

zubir said...

hahahaah...not much la..i think an australian will do better for your graduation.how's everything?best of luck to u..