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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting up any posts lately, well because I'm busy with many stuffs and flu yesterday. Yeah, I went to see a doctor just now and she said it was just some normal flu and fever. So yeah, not swine flu. Haha cause if it was swine flu I won't be able to come to work!Quarantine ma..

So I'm gonna talk about this short random movie that me and my friends wanna do. So Haziq, Some have agreed (maybe) to be in that short random movie we're gonna make. I don't know about one fella yet cause we haven't asked him about it.
Alright let's move on to another topic, So well I've been listening to this song like repeatedly and it's all because of Shah. He made me listen to the song "Love Is Gone - David Guetta". I know it's like an old song but then I started to listen to it again. I'm starting to like Electro Music now, cause I think the music's kinda catchy. The ones I really love to listen to right now are:

"Love Is Gone - David Guetta"
"Morseton 2.0 - Heiko & Maiko"
"Work Your Pu**y Baby - DJ Antoine"
*go check them on the music playing thingy*
Hey, out of curiosity..Do you people like feel awkward when some babies for no reason stare at you and after a few moments, they cry as they wish! *snaps fingers* I mean like, it sucks. Cause you feel like you were the one who caused the baby to cry.

And the final topic for this post is, I'VE GOTTEN MYSELF SOME NEW HEADPHONES!!! It's the same model as my first one though (Sony) cause I really love the sound quality on this thing.

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