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Thursday, July 9, 2009

:: stop accusig Michael Jackson ::

Michael had an incurable skin disease. Nobody believed him...they wanted to believe he wanted to be white, I have a video you can look at that will help you understand the disease and how it affected Michael. MJ turned white in front of the whole world, and kept on singing. He had work done on his nose two times. First, his dad constantly teased about how big his nose was. At some point, Michael broke his nose, and while he had the bridge fixed,he has his nose reshaped. That's the nose you see in Thriller. Meanwhile, Michael was steadily becoming white. He actually had to put white features on his face because he had turned white. So, you have the change in skin color and the cosmetic surgery. Then, he felt he looked to girly, so he had a clef put in his chin. While all this was going on, people were calling him a freak, saying he didn't want to be black as well as other horrible things. Look at the video. It will give you some compassion for him. He was just a guy that took the hand life dealt him and found a way to live with it. Allah bless his loving soul.


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